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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  November 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. ? i'm waiting for george washington to parade down the street. >> it is a day that has been circled on everybody's calendars for months. >> hillary clinton versus donald trump, you know about that. john mccain looking for another six years in the u.s. senate versus ann kirkpatrick, prop 205 to legalize recreational marijuana.
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afternoon involves a problem here in maricopa county. that means we may not have results, enough to decide races tonight. election officials may not be able to calculate total votes by day's end, which could leave the presidential race up in the air. this could be a national story and an embarrassment for arizona. >> there are 200,000 ballots they may not be able to get to tonight. election workers early ballots and there are roughly another 200,000 that need to be counted. they came in late. they have to verify signatures and have to be counted. this takes time and it may not happen tonight. any close races may not happen tonight. trump and clinton have been neck and neck and other races may be impacted by this as well. >> we're going to stay on top of this story. a steady flow of voters continue
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lines still long out there? i see them behind you. reporter: the line has gotten longer since i talked to you about a half an hour ago. take a look at this orange pipe over my shoulder. we talked to a woman who started at the pipe and said it took two hours to get inside and get outside. look how many people lined up outside of the pipe. they a wait reminiscent of what we saw a few months ago when arizona ended up in national news for not having not locations. there are plenty of booths there are only a few volunteers and that is causing the backup. there are only a few people to monitor the voting happening, in fact, is causing the backup right now and what was causing the backup earlier this morning.
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showing you the lines are nothing new. we got a break in the afternoon but the line growing again. a good samaritan brought dozens of boxes of pizza to help dills strabgt them from the long lines. take a listen to what one gentleman who took a bite of the pizza earlier. >> they said for the people in line and they said he bought for everybody and said you can take a box if you want. >> reporter: if you are headed out, pack a water bottle, pack your patience because you will be in line for a couple of hours. >> one of the big battles that has been going on for months is the fight of arizona senate
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challenger ann kirkpatrick.& >> let's go live to linda williams. she is covering the mccain campaign. mccain will not be with fellow republicans tonight, this is interesting. >> reporter: just another sign of what a strange campaign season this has been. i've been covering the senator for decades. every year when he is running for senate, he gathers with fellow republicans down at the hyattnd of solidarity. the republicans are down at the hyatt but take a look at where will senator mccain has decided to have his event. we are here at the heard museum. earlier, the 80-year-old went to meet with supporters and thank them for all they have done. he went to vote this morning that is the video you're look at.
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christian church. he is comfortably ahead of ann kirkpatrick. we're told she also voted this morning in phoenix. the senator was all smiles, shaking hands, being friendly until reporters tried to ask him about donald trump. >> i'm not going to talk about donald trump. i will >> reporter: so he was abrupt. he said all along he would not be talking about donald trump and perhaps all of the returns have come in and everything is decided, we can get him to discuss the republican's nominee this year. so we are here. we do not expect to see the senator and mrs. mccain until this race has been called.
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gathering at the heard museum. we are told it is a full event. everyone who was invited has rsvped. we are waiting to hear from the senator tonight. let's go to the other side of the aisle and head over to danielle miller. she has been covering ann kirkpatrick. >> reporter: we're here at the told ann kirkpatrick will be here. she chose not to seek re-election but to go after the senate race against john mccain. when this was announced here, the polls were close but once we hit summertime and into the fall is when john mcdane -- mccain pulled ahead. kirkpatrick has rallied with
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benefits but obamacare is something mccain came after her about because of her support for it. this is a huge issue in arizona. many people know with the presidential election, arizona has become a battle ground state. we've had so many people campaigning for hillary clinton so not sure and that will matter with this senate race because of the battle ground state. it is something we have to wait and hear and we are expecting her to be here tonight win or lose. we're hoping to talk to her. guys, back to you. >> another race that has received a lot of attention here and nationally, the battle for arizona's first congressional district. >> this is a race between paul babeu and tom o'halleran. nicole garcia joins us live. nicole? >> reporter: well, paul babeu
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see mode tonight. they spent the day rallying votes in apache county, which is a five hour drive from here in downtown phoenix. he is not expected to per -- to be here until later tonight. babeu has been pummeled with a string of negative ads. democrats focused on all investigations of child abuse at a boarding school that will babeu oversaw. recent polls have given o'halleran a double digit lead over babeu so this is an cautiously optimistic view for babeu. he had to end his first run for congressional after controversy headlines over his gay
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part of the state. he is expected to come here at the high yeah. we're told he may not join the party depending on how the election results pan out. i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. >> the big number for the presidential candidates is who can get to 270 electoral college votes needed to win the white house. >> marc martinez is following that. this is the big prize and this votes. >> reporter: we are getting states that we can officially call. donald trump, as you can see takes indiana, west virginia, and kentucky. vermont has gone for hillary clinton. as you can see, we do have 24 for donald trump and three for hillary clinton. florida, north carolina, ohio,
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states we're keeping an eye on. we're also keeping an eye on arizona. we know it could be a tossup state. these are the states we're keeping an eye on. we'll be updating you as we get official results. >> a closer look at the propositions on the ballot. two important ones. >> this u called every presidential election correctly since ronald
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right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. plus - this u- a you decide election welcome back. let's look at the numbers. this is donald trump, we're only at 2% of the vote. trump is over clinton. only six million votes have been counted nationally. >> this is the electoral vote that really counts. let's look at the electoral college. 270 needed to win. donald trump is ahead with 24.
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haven't gotten all of the numbers counted, the big states, florida, ohio, carolinas. it is too early to make a read on this. got a couple of -- are we going to take the breaking news? arizona voters deciding controversial propositions, including prop 205 to legalize recreational >> marcy jones joins us live with more on that. >> reporter: i'm here at crescent ballroom here in downtown phoenix. they having a viewing party. this prop 205 very big in california, massachusetts, maine, nevada. let's talk about here in arizona. supporters of prop 205 tell me the most common argument they
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205 don't believe the money will go to schools. they say they are promised funding but there is always a catch or an asterisks saying if this happens then the money will end up with somewhere else. they don't want their kids running around with a gummy bear with pot in it. supporters of prop 205 tell me yes is natural rights to liberty. they don't want the government controlling a substance they deem harmless adding they would rather have the money go to public schools than drug cartels. people on both ends say they have the advantage over the other but here is the good new, if you're not into the republican party or democratic
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areas are having specials on drinks. make sure you get out and vote that is the main thing tonight. back to you guys. >> easing the pain may be the operative word. >> also on the ballot, a proposition that would raise the minimum wage. it will bring the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 next year then $12 companies to pay sick time to employees. we have developing news involving the democratic party saying they want to see the polls open for two more hours. >> they went to a judge with this request. they want them to not close until 9:00 and they are blaming it on some sort of complication with voting early in the morning that they say is prompting a lawsuit. are the polls going to close at 7:00 p.m.? >> i don't think we have a
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don't think they are going to remain until 9:00. get out and vote if you can, before 7:00 because that is the drop dead. if you're in line at 7:00, you will be able to cast your ballot. we don't know if they will extend it or not. >> the other big question is will the votes be counted. we have 200,000 possibly more that may not be counted tonight. >> we may not have answers on some of th >> in the meantime, it was must-see tv. we're talk about the presidential debates. >> coming up, we're going to talk to steve krafft who joined me at two of the three debates and he reflects on the war of
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got a fox 10 news alert. breaking news. a massive fire burning near 26th street and thomas. it engulfed a building and looks like foliagend it looks like a residential area with pretty big property, pretty big lots. it appears it may be a home that is on fire and a big fire. >> a situation like this, firefighters can do only one thing and go defensive on it and protect structures in the area. there is not a lot you can do when it is burning that hot. >> i don't know if the trees
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very bright and it does not look like they have much control, if at all. we'll follow that story and break in with new developments. one of the more memorable moments. >> what we want to do is replenish the trust fund. >> such a nasty woman. >> that we have sufficient resources. >> one of the more memorable moments from the presidential debates. >> thr the focus on candidates trading insults. >> i got to watch all of this because i was at all three debates. steve, when you look back, do you think the debates had much affect on undecided voters? >> reporter: typically, political scientists will say presidential debates don't have that much impact on who wins or loses the presidential election. as we know, this has not been a
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knew the debates will be crucial. we attended all of them, long island, new york, st. louis, and las vegas las. the focus was the different styles of hillary clinton and donald trump and they gave voters a lot to think about. hillary left nothing to chance, meticulous, scripted, practicing, doing research on mr. trump. and improvisational approach confident he had command of his message. debates played out and clinton needled trump by bringing up miss. universe calling her miss. piggy because she put on weight after winning her crown. he roamed the stage behind her in the second town hall debate
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debate asking mrs. clinton what she accomplished over 30 years and pressing her why people should vote for her? three three debates gave people a glimpse into the characters and perspective on how they might operate were they to win the oval office. back to you. >> it will be interesting to watch tonight how this plays out. we are getting more number, more states. the polls are closing as the battle between donald trump and hillary cl
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we have live, team coverage of the election straight ahead... coverage of the election >> reporter: i'm marc martinez. we have live team coverage of the election, including breaking news involving early ballots in maricopa county and a court request by the democratic party. plus, a developing story in so several people have been shot outside of a polling place. the news continues in two
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first tonight at six first tonight at 6:00, a fox 10 news alert out of phoenix where firefighters are battling
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street and thomas. this home engulfed with flames. there is a lot of debris and other items on the property. they are right in the line of fire. the flames sending a huge plume of smoke into the sky. no word on how the fire started. we know phoenix fire crews have surrounded the house and have gone offensive. we're not sure if the home was occupied at the time the fire broke out. we'll bring y as soon as details are available to us. just one hour until the polls close in arizona as voters cast their ballots to decide their next president. trump has scored big in west virginia, kentucky, and indiana. arizona may be too close to call because the democratic party


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